Develop service-oriented manufacturing and cultivate new momentum for the shipbuilding industry

In the context of the continuous and in-depth adjustment of the global ship market, how does the shipbuilding industry promote business model innovation and business format innovation to achieve structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading?

In the context of the continuous and in-depth adjustment of the global ship market, how does the shipbuilding industry promote business model innovation and business format innovation to achieve structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading? The practice of the transformation and upgrading of my country's manufacturing industry in recent years has proved that the development of new service-oriented manufacturing formats is a breakthrough point in the transformation and upgrading of the shipbuilding industry and the cultivation of new kinetic energy. The so-called service-oriented manufacturing is a new type of industrial form where manufacturing and service are integrated and developed. As an important part of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, the shipbuilding industry has the foundation and conditions to take the lead in making a breakthrough in my country's process of building a world manufacturing power. my country’s shipbuilding industry must extend the service chain by innovating production organization forms, operation management methods and business models, providing a complete combination of "production + service", improving quality and efficiency, enhancing competitive advantages, achieving structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and building manufacturing Powerful nations make their due contributions.

As the international shipping market and international crude oil prices continue to be sluggish, the global ship market has entered a period of in-depth adjustment, and my country’s shipbuilding and offshore engineering equipment industries are also facing unprecedented challenges. Overcapacity and insufficient demand have become the main contradiction restricting the development of my country's shipbuilding industry. Therefore, production-oriented manufacturing that relies solely on production scale to promote development is unsustainable, and the transformation to service-oriented manufacturing has become an important way for shipping companies to enhance their competitiveness and obtain profits. At present, in the fields of aviation and defense, automobile manufacturing, industrial automation, communication equipment manufacturing, life sciences and medical equipment, services are becoming an important source of profits for manufacturing companies. This phenomenon shows that only by breaking through the shortcomings of "service" can shipping companies grasp the opportunities of servicing the world's manufacturing industry and move forward steadily in the increasingly fierce market competition. More importantly, in the in-depth adjustment of the global competitive landscape, the development of service-oriented manufacturing is a necessary condition for my country's shipbuilding industry to reconstruct its competitive advantage. Major shipbuilding countries are accelerating the transition to "manufacturing + service", with particular emphasis on investment in technology, knowledge, information and services. With the weakening of traditional comparative advantages, the promotion of the transformation of service-oriented manufacturing will effectively promote my country's shipbuilding industry to seize the commanding heights of the future in the new industrial competition environment.

  Service-oriented manufacturing is an important way to promote the deep integration of manufacturing and service industries, enhance the core competitiveness of my country's manufacturing industry, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and has received strong support from the state. "Made in China 2025", "Special Action Guidelines for the Development of Service-oriented Manufacturing", and "Action Plan for Enhancement of Ship Supporting Industry Capability (2016-2020)" have pointed out the direction for the shipbuilding industry to create new service-oriented manufacturing formats. The shipbuilding industry must seize policy opportunities, make full use of its own conditions, and make great efforts to cultivate and develop new service-oriented manufacturing businesses. On the one hand, with the help of new technologies such as digitization, networking, and intelligence, new market offensives can be launched in an all-round way, and a new service-oriented manufacturing business model with the characteristics of a shared economy can be constructed to accelerate transformation and achieve a breakthrough against the trend; vigorously develop diversified services and design , Customization, collaborative manufacturing, supply chain management, product life cycle management, system solutions, information value-added and other aspects to provide extended services, so that the scope of business throughout the product life cycle, in order to achieve a full range of manufacturing and services, wide-ranging, deep Level integration.

  On the other hand, we must learn to change from "product-oriented" to "customer-oriented". For example, it not only provides safe, economical, and applicable equipment for offshore oil and gas development, but also provides a "technology + business" package solution for oil and gas companies' entire life cycle oil and gas development operations. In recent years, China State Shipbuilding Corporation has improved its capacity competitiveness with intelligent production, high-end products, and service-oriented manufacturing. It has actively seized market resources by enhancing the value-added service capabilities of existing production capacity and has set an example in promoting the service-oriented transformation of manufacturing. .

  "If you want to be long, you must consolidate its roots, and if you want to flow away, you must dredge its source." The transformation of shipping companies to service-oriented manufacturing is not "demanufacturing" for the purpose of diluting or abandoning manufacturing, but based on ocean engineering. Equipment and high-tech shipbuilding capabilities are transforming to a higher level. Whether it is the shift from processing and assembling to "manufacturing + service", or from simply selling products to selling "products + services", in essence, services are used to create greater value for shipping and marine resource development industrial chains. my country's shipbuilding enterprises should move towards service-oriented manufacturing, derive more service demands by improving their independent research and development capabilities, occupy the high-end of the industrial value chain, and promote the optimization and upgrading of the shipbuilding industry from large to strong.