Striving for new journey | From Hundred Ge Ge to chart strong, Dalian ship exports exceed 100 billion yuan

Ship manufacturing industry is an important part of equipment manufacturing industry in Dalian, Liaoning Province. From the 100th VLCC super large oil tanker to the smooth delivery of LNG carriers

Ship manufacturing industry is an important part of equipment manufacturing industry in Dalian, Liaoning Province. From the 100th VLCC super large oil tanker to the smooth delivery of LNG carriers, to 24,000 TEU container ship orders are pouring in... According to statistics, from 2011 to 2021, the total value of Dalian's ship exports exceeded 100 billion yuan, reaching 126.19 billion yuan. The capacity of Dalian shipbuilding industry is increasing year by year, and the industrial structure is becoming more and more reasonable, contributing to the construction of a shipbuilding and science and technology powerhouse.

In order to support the healthy development of the shipbuilding industry in Dalian, Dalian Customs conducts in-depth investigation and studies on the development law of the shipbuilding industry, adheres to the problem-oriented approach, constantly innovates the supervision mode and optimizes the supervision process, and makes every effort to ensure the order guarantee and expand the market of shipbuilding enterprises.

"The capital chain is the lifeline of enterprise development." "Dalian Customs has actively released the tax policy dividend and helped enterprises to activate their funds by flexibly choosing tax methods," said Ye Hong, head of the purchasing department at COSCO Shipping Kawasaki Engineering Co., LTD.

The ship manufacturing business is mainly carried out in the way of processing trade. In view of the characteristics of large amount of processing manual, long production cycle and many materials and parts for filing, Dalian Customs carries out dynamic tracking of the performance of products and contracts, grasps the operation situation of enterprises in real time, optimizes the disposal process reasonably in the link of manual change and materials and parts carry-over, and provides strong support for ship construction.

"In the past, when enterprises import large Marine parts, the goods need to be lifted, stored and transferred several times after arriving at the port, and the customs clearance time generally takes 5 days. The adoption of the 'direct lifting by the ship' supervision mode not only saves the customs clearance time, but also reduces various costs." Dalian Port Customs logistics monitoring Section chief Wang Hong introduced. Dalian Customs strictly implements the ten measures of the General Administration of Customs to promote the stability and quality of foreign trade. While promoting the business of "ship side handling", Dalian Customs innovatively uses the supervision mode of "cloud eye inspection" to ensure the efficient clearance of relevant equipment.

"Businesses have demand, and we have action." Liu Xin, Section chief of the Inspection Department of Lushun Customs, said, "We implement all-weather inspection appointment and accept the inspection application of enterprises in 7×24 hours. No matter in the hot winter, windy and snowy, or in holidays, the goods of enterprises can be picked up on time."

In May 2021, in order to further promote the transformation and upgrading of the shipbuilding industry in Dalian, Dalian Customs formulated Ten Measures of Dalian Customs to Support the Development of the Shipping Industry, focusing on supporting shipping enterprises to carry out group bonded supervision and expanding the application scope of enterprise-oriented unit management mode in the shipping industry. A series of preferential measures such as "independent filing, independent verification and reporting, independent tax payment and self-determined verification and write-off cycle" are added to simplify customs procedures and inject impetus to boost the development of the shipbuilding industry.

One after another, giant ships of ten thousand tons set sail from Dalian to other parts of the world, witnessing the development of ship manufacturing industry in Dalian area. On the new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way, Dalian Customs will continue to optimize the port business environment, fully release the policy dividends, and escort the real economy of Dalian region to a stable and long-term development.